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What is the Golden Geometry Activation?

What is the Golden Geometry Activation about?

The Activation of the Golden Geometry is resetting your own pathway, moving away from programmed beliefs of the direction one is going and helping to see the clear direction to where one is meant to be going, or to what they came here to do. It re-aligns you to your divine blueprint and brings up choices to allow you to grow and expand with. This is still done with free will, so it is important to be conscious of your choices. It brings you the opportunities to let go of things that do not serve you for your highest good.

How will the activation manifest in the physical plane?

The Activation will of course be a subtle movement, presenting you will new choices for your own growth and development. The Energy from the activation will restructure your matrix reality, one of distortion, bringing opportunities for expansion & growth. To the untrained eye, this is quite difficult to spot. People will start appearing to present you new challenges, new prospects & changes for change.

Some people will have an internal response which will get them to reevaluate their life and let go of things that are not working for them. A change in career, letting go of relationships, meditating more, developing new skills, which then unlock the next set of doors for you.

Emotions will come up to clear, showing you old lessons that you have not yet healed from.

People coming back into your life for closure. Can you close with love...?

This is clearing out the old to make way for the new, giving you the opportunity to invest your energy somewhere that is for your highest trajectory.

How does the activation effect people on the ascension pathway?

Newly awakened individuals will be activated to help let go of old paradigms and patterns that have been cycling through in their lives unconsciously. As this is occuring, synchronicities will become more prominent, showing you the routes you are to follow should you choose to. These pathways will guide you into further exploration of self, anchoring a deeper understanding of who you are, assisting you to step into your truth.

Awakened Individuals will be receiving further synchronicities, guiding you to look at new areas of your lives that have not yet come to the surface, bringing new areas to clear within you. Journeying to develop your spiritual gifts as well as understanding multi-dimensional concepts. Pulling up deeper rooted programmes and traumas to release and clear, as well as aligning you with your purpose, helping you to fully understand & integrate these concepts. A movement from the mind into the heart space living. Opening up the heart to move with compassion.

Long time awakened individuals will move into the integration process, moving into a deeper state of self realisation and embodiment of all that you are.

Will this be a healing activation?

There will be healing codes coming through, as per all of your activations.

Q&A between myself & my higher self.

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