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Testimonials: Testimonials

I'd never experienced quantum energy healing until introduced to Felix and his work during a presentation he recently gave to a community group of which I'm a member.

I had been drawn to esoterica, quantum, unity and divine consciousness, subtle energies, the inherent consciousness in all energy forms, the aliveness of what can be seen as well as unseen and the zero point for some time now, all of which I find fascinating and empowering.

Felix's unique, practical and accessible methodology and ability to eloquently crystallise a deep connection with me led to the creation of an extremely powerful and safe healing space into which I was able to immerse myself and participate open heartedly.

Felix’s work was profound and is still positively impacting upon my daily life a month later. During my first two hour session, he helped me unlock deep seated behaviours and embedded thought forms, whilst sharing some valuable insights, and left me with valuable tools to embody the changes necessary to step onto my path and further realise my potential. 

I got considerably more out of our two hour session than I would have out of a one hour session and sincerely recommend Felix to anyone who, like myself, may feel somewhat stuck or trapped,  unaware or unable to either perceive or understand the depth of their limiting beliefs or behaviours that for me have been embedded after 60 years of societal conditioning.

Felix is a deeply talented, far reaching and skilful healer. I greatly look forward to our next session and would recommend Felix to anyone seeking their truth. 

Thank you sincerely for co-creating a better world as without you, many more of us would be struggling.

Much love and light

Simon C

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