Who I Am and What I Do

Felix is a quantum energy healer & who utilises his clairvoyant , clairaudient and clairsentient abilities to locate stagnation within a client’s body, and uses Light Language and sound vibrational healing to activate the DNA and begin the regenerative process.

Felix aims to help people to understand their bodies, how to understand what emotions are, and how they move through us; he would like to help people to heal at every level of the self, and to understand the therapeutic process, including the multi dimensional body, fragmentation and how to embody their own unique highest expression.

He aims to guide and facilitate this self-healing through the use of meditation, visualisation and a number of different multi-dimensional therapies.

Recently, during a regression, Felix discovered that he is a fractal of Atlantean Priest Thoth, whom is more known as the god of the Moon & prophecy. Felix works with Thoth during his sessions to bring forward ancient Egyptian codes and healing, as well as ancient methods of alchemy to balance the body. 

It is a part of his mission to help humanity heal, innerstand and integrate the processes and teachings of the ancient ways, to aid the people with the ascension and be a wayshower for the newly awakened ones.

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