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April Energy Report

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Meeting ID: 891 0007 5566

Passcode: 284763

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Meeting ID: 817 3216 1410

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A full field recalibration to accomodate and integrate the solar eclipse healings and developments of the day.

This is a recorded event.

In this session we will addressing gender imbalances within the gender matrix.

This will start from anchoring the comic clock anchor points to the universal tree of life which accelerates and builds the heiro gamic unions between the michael-mary wings within 6D-7D bridge.

As this builds, it develops the Eukatharistic light body level which has been gradually opening since 2022 to anchor the time codes of the dimensional fields. This brings back memories and personality/identity of the dimension to move through reintegration.

As the cosmic clock anchors and the wing repair builds, the emerald tree of life merges with the cosmic clock which initiates the awakening those of the emerald order to awareness whilst developing that of the blue flame diamond heart.

The gender balancing develops as the heirogamic union corrects within the Elaysa Melchizedek Solar dragon union on the universal level which send the signal for lower dimensional level making it easier and aligned for correction.

Please see April energy update for reference.

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Meeting ID: 820 2661 0374

Passcode: 543476

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