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June Energy Report & The Solstice

The June energies that have been presented are all about unification and integration. As we have been continually processing and healing ourselves on this journey, some further along than others, we are continually bringing aspects of ourselves back together. With the distorted masculine breaking down and transforming into the divine masculine, we have been allowing the divine feminine to rise within.

The further one grows with the progression of the healing and integrating process whilst releasing all that does not serve, the embodiment of divinity can begin.

Now this is not a linear process, this comes in cyclical patterning, which allows areas to resolve and decodes and unlocks new areas that require the transformation for you to progress and evolve.

Reevaluation of the relationships around you

This takes us into a further look as to what kind of relationships we hold with us and what they are telling us about ourselves. As we become able to see a little bit deeper and further into our into ourselves through the relationships we attract, both, friends, love & family, we can begin to identify the aspects that need to be healed in our journey.

When one can recognise a trigger within oneself by the action of another, it shows us the area that is wounded or in victimhood and also the expression that needs love from the anger that person has shown us.

When identifying & healing from these relationships, we are given the opportunity to reevaluate the connections we have to the person, one can identify if that person is still in alignment to you, or whether you wish to let this person go.

This upcoming month, the opportunity to reevaluate a lot of relationships will come up. Seeing partners with fresh eyes, colleagues or people you work with. Some may even have people from the past come forward to release with you. Be it in love or in angst.

Standing your ground!

This process can be a tough lesson and a test in it of itself. When coming into conflicts this month, are you able to develop a thicker skin and allow the words to fall away from you? Can you be unreactive? Stand in your sovereignty and not be affected by nasty words, thoughts or deeds?

How can one stay neutral, whilst breathing, maintaining a conversation with a reactive person with the energy going through you and triggers coming up within you?

In June, you may find yourself coming into clashes with people around you. These clashes are multiples tests to see how you react and how you handle the situation.

1: If you were not in the wrong & you are being targeted for multiple things, none of which are actually relevant more of an offensive attack, can you stand there and observe the situation without engaging in the energetics?

Standing in Neutrality to experience everything, but hold your knowing that this person has been going through a difficult day, week or year. See the situation with compassion and disconnect? Having compassion for one's self is equally as important when doing this kind of work, to be able to love oneself through this period helps to strengthen your field and know that you are not the nasty words, thoughts or actions that are laid in front of you.

2: If someone is taking advantage of you in a situation or using doing something without your permission, then expecting to play along with their narrative, can you stand your ground, stay in your heart, and tell them, this is not okay, I do not give permission for this (take this out of context and apply it to your own storyline).

These scenarios can vary depending on your own contractual agreements with the person(s) involved, so it is important to become aware of your challenges that may arise & observe the triggers that come up for you.

The trigger points for the person will be a projection of their own issues that they need to clear up, in turn, will be the points that you will also need to clear as the person on the offense will trigger you into feeling similar emotions. This really opens up the next shell of healing work that needs to take place post argument/ issue.

So if you can see beyond the rising emotions and the injustices, feel through your own body and deconstruct the emotions behind it in solitude (I personally find it a great time to do on the treadmill as well) the low vibes can be processed and ready to move on to the next set of things.

Embodying Empowerment!

Exercising your strengths & not bowing down to others is such a crucial factor when reclaiming sovereignty. When one continues to practice standing up for oneself or standing in peace unscathed by words or deeds, the fractures within the different chakras begin to heal as the initial programming one had unconsciously moved through in their lives begins to

repair. Whilst going through these tasks, the triggers and emotions will arise thus clearing out the space for the embodiment of strength, courage and empowerment will reside. Creating a healthy and strong Solar Plexus Chakra.

What to look for in June

Deeper awakenings are on the horizon for June, following the Lunar eclipse in May. This will act as a trigger point for many new Starseeds to awaken spiritually as well as to the truth in the world. For the ones already awake, there will be further AHA moments and self realizations. People will start to understand their channelling capabilities following the integration of Galactic DNA merging with the human DNA structure. This is a process for when the time is ready, but play & exploration is a must to really anchor the telepathic gift & abilities that come online.

Continuations of physical changes, fatigue juxtaposed with high energy and less need to sleep. Follow your own natural rhythm, if you need to rest more then rest more...

Recognising old programmes of control within one's self are being released making space for new concepts and new positive thought patterns. This opens up new perceptions of life, and also new perceptions of spirit, strengthening the rainbow bridge to the spiritual side and feeling an easier resonance to your guidance and your guide team.

Becoming aware with your negative thought patterns, setbacks and downfalls within ourselves, leading to positive change to find a healthy way to rebalance the mind and body.

Dissolving the ego attachments and moving away from judgement.

Lightworkers coming together to birth new ideas & constructs that may assist humanity in the long run. Taking back the land and starting fresh, away from the old earth to birth the new.

The Summer Solstice

What is the Summer Solstice bringing to the collective?

The Solstice is bringing harmony between the polarities. The initial harmony comes within, between the divine masculine and the divine feminine and holding space for the parts that need to heal.

Moving back into a natural surrounding and feeling comfortable with this. Recognising the flow of abundance within you & with progression seeing it flow all around you too. Seeing rapid noticeable change in your realities as you change within yourself.

Following your strengths and opening up to your own true calling & becoming aware of your divine plan unfolding before you.

Discovering true love within yourself and feeling that love flow throughout your being and into your realities.

Finding your passions in artistic expression! Diving into your own creativity and finding what bring your the most joy so you can share it with the world. Moving away from the service to self and focusing on service to others. See can you bring happiness into another person's life and feel your body's response to this.

A further embodiment of Divine Feminine Energy within you opening up to holding more love for self and for others.

Embracing the parts of yourself you have hidden away in the closet and allowing them to step forward and shine the light on them. Allowing these parts to heal in order to integrate within you. This opens new areas of self to explore and open up.

The expansion of Peace upon the planet will grow more in certain areas, whilst other parts maybe still be in bits of resistance to this. As the people let go of their inner turmoil & struggles, the expansion will grow further.Energy of the Ankh will provide balance to the many assisting their flow, inviting them to choose to redirect any misplaced energy to realign it back into a positive direction. An influx of higher dimensional frequencies flowing inwards to further activate the DNA Structure and sequencing. This will bring periods of fatigue and hyperactivity dependant on body type. All for positive change.

Self- Care Sunday, June 6th, 6pm: Stargate Day!

As per usual, I don't always know what is going to happen until the time of doing so, but this will be a deep Quantum Healing Meditation for the masses. I have recently been working closely with the Angelics and the Celestial Realm, they have brought new healing modalities and techniques as they work through me. It would be a pleasure to share them with you!

Please RSVP to the event if you wish to join, or Subscribe to the site at the bottom.

I wish you a peaceful June and a beautiful Solstice.

See you Sunday.

Love Felix


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