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June Energy Report

3rd June 2024, 6pm

Topic: Self care Monday 

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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June 11th 2024, 6pm

Lunar Matrix & Enki DNA overlays release, restructure

With the Cosmic Clock shifting back in April & the return of the emerald order- Emerald timekeepers of the Cosmic clock the shift from lunar to solar imprint triggered a purging of the lunar imprints and the Dark mother consciousness which, subsequently,  triggered the release of technology- Black and Red Cube Technology, Enki DNA overlays- hybridised humanity going against natural law.

Enki Enlil Anunnaki collectives were brought to the Emerald order to face their comeuppance.

Through this interaction with Emerald order the binds of the chains had been unlocked with the Enki DNA overlays which held a lunar matrix imprint over the universal time matrix to allow the solar consciousness to shine through.

This is significant because with the solar consciousness opening this illuminates more christ consciousness/ solar consciousness into our time matrix which along with Aurora awakening this has allowed the dark mother imprint to be lifted out and be replaced with divine mother of light.

This claiming back of the cosmic clock via the emerald order rising as discussed in April, moves the universal matrix positioning to become governed by the emerald order once again or a self-governing, solar alignment- which initiates freedom to the masses.

In this session, we will work to update and release all of the overlays and agreements related to the lunar matrix structural impacts, tied to the cosmic clock emerald rising shift to solar calendar. This will open up the universal time matrix on a personal and collective/ planetary level to introduce higher flows of solar consciousness as well as the Aurora divine mother frequency alignment.

June 13th 2024, 6pm

Topic: Psychic healing and development 

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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June 20th 2024, 6pm

Summer Solstice Field Recalibration

June 27th 2024, 6pm

Topic: Group grid session 

Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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