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Planetary Channeling & Current Energies: 07.02.2021

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Mars & Uranus in Taurus.

Masculine Energies from Mars are being challenged against Uranus. Mars is bringing up dominance, aggression through the distorted masculine, up to centre front view in the house of Taurus. Mars was showing me that the anger energies are currently sitting up in the collective heart, ready to be balanced with unconditional love, to work through.

Taurus is bringing out the energies in the day to day developments of the physical world.

It's a push and pull resistance of control systems that don't want to let go of power, even when it is time to release. The resistance in letting go is being challenged and put into the public eye to help the collective wake up further with the help of Uranus.

Unpredictability and reformation is on the rise. We are seeing so much of it in Politics, the Financial Sector & Media structures.

It is always important to watch your reality with discernment as we are currently being presented with false screens of information everywhere to manipulate your own perspective and points of views. With Uranus stepping forward, this is becoming more exaggerated, so it makes it a little bit easier, (non the less more horrifying) to see truth in a cloud of distortion.

It is very important to remember that the reflection of our realities through what is going on in the world is a direct representation of what is going on within us. When we resolve the inner turmoil within, peace reflects in your outer world.

Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Solaris.

Progressions of December 21st 2020 Solstice, the progression of the conjunction between Jupiter & Saturn.

Jupiter is bringing further expansion and growth into the collective to open up and take a look at all areas that are out of balance and need to be worked on. All the imbalances in the world.

Now, as these aspects have been brought forward, , these parts are having the spotlight shone on you. As Solaris is a representation of you and your ego, basic personality, we are being invited to look inside at this current nexus point, to see what needs to be cleared within yourselves to find what needs to come in to balance and allow the room for expansion and growth in your own consciousness.

The Venusian energies are stepping forward to extend the olive branch of peace, love, healing and compassion to help heal these aspects of you

Deep rooted unconditional love, balancing distorted anima. Mercury Retrograde is bringing confusion, challenging communication within & without. This is something to take into consideration when navigating your reality.

Unconditional love & Light


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