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Summer Solstice Activation: Communication, Transformation & Galactic Frequency Shifts

Following a recent regression, I had received a transmission from 7D Pleiades stating the following:

You were birthed at this time to raise the Galactic awareness of the inhabitants on this planet. When coming back on to the ship, at multiple points in your life, you have been receiving frequency updates.

This is to share a variety of vibratory signatures and different codingto people & places around you. This acts as a catalyst & trigger for memory recall of connection to the different constellations & to star families.

Helping others wake up & connect to their star connections is quite vital at this point of the ascension, especially for those whom have found resistance to their shadow work and bridging of connection to multiple points of their origins.

The multitude & magnitude of the codingis shared & activated into fellow fields through interaction, the sharing of light language & of course, the grid work that is done. However, each method particular and works with the different parts of the collective & the individual. For example, the grid work is activated and passed through the conduit to the ley line which works as a deposit station for the transference of coding to different parts of the Earth, providing different coding for different people. This acts as a kind of energetic watering hole for people to visit and to consciously, or unconsciously pick it up, if it is in alignment with them or for them.

One to one interaction & group settings are more of a personal share. The coding is personal to each individual attending, as well as for the collective logos that have come together. Each receiving exactly what they need provided by you, the conduit.

The coding will shift and change the energy field & move in to reconfiguring the purpose of the DNA to allow the double helix to expand & separate, beginingthe high crystalline configuration, in order to merge or a continuation of the merging & integration of the galactic DNA. This allows the cellular body to open up to becoming more so a sensory receptor, bringing the individual into heightened state of sensitivity to the world around them. A deeper awakening to empathy, if you will.

The next few months will be crucial with the changes that are coming up within the physical reality, as well as the changes coming within the collective & the individual, both physical & energetic. The chaotic exterior of the reality may prove tough to navigate, as information becomes more distorted. The heightening of empathic abilities through cosmic, galactic frequency shifts and coding will bring more ease for the recipient, providing they are open to navigate & intuit through the journey.

Coming back in to solitude and self preservation will be a key component for finding freedom within and without on this journey your collective is doing together. This will also be most beneficial for the activation & assimilation of the coding to come online.

There will be 3 months of activations. This is to bring forth the alchemical changes needed to override any genetic alterations & sequencing mishaps. This will also unveil new areas in the collective that must be seen to allow change to be made within the bodies & the realities. Healing will take place & must continue to take place.

Please see the main page for the event details.

I will look forward to seeing your faces on the high energy day.

Eternal love,

Felix xxx

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