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September Energy Report: Reaping the Earthly Harvest

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone already. As time goes faster Karma is transforming at a rate like never before. We are coming into the next phase for humanity, ready to reap the harvest we have birthed together in co-creation with Source. So whilst we are prepping to receive, what will be coming up for us in September 2021?

Major revelations coming to the surface

Mass truths coming to the forefront with reality shattering disclosure and the evidence to back it up. The evidence will shine a light on a lot of the areas that have been kept a secret to the public unless they have been paying close attention to the subtleties that have been presented to us. For many people this will act as a port of healing for the ones holding on to anger towards the ones whom did not believe them, or called them crazy. It's time to let it go.

This disclosure has a knock on effect for the aware and awake ones with trigger points to take that thought process a little deeper to the microcosmic level and start understanding the paradoxical world that we live in.

Many are really starting to understand the more multidimensional concepts and the paradoxical nuances we have been trying to grasp for so long regarding our realities and esoteric matters. In turn, the newly awakened ones are starting to grasp the complexities of the 3rd dimensional matrix reality and recognising the difficulties one has to understand and recognise like the inversion template, the predictive programming and the beginnings of how to detach from that.

Hold fire healers!! Your time is coming! As the journey must continue, for them to get to that level of understanding, give your guidance and be the rainbow bridge for the newbies for you need them as much as they need you, as they will show you parts of yourself that is still incomplete.

Self Love 101

This month is really heating up with the triggers. As the energies get more intense, so do the mood swings and the emotions. With the new moon in Virgo, this brings clarity & presence to the areas of our lives that need to be looked at with love and acceptance.Taking these triggers as an example, what we can learn from them is that these are all areas that need to be looked at the most. For example, if someone is judgemental towards you and you get hurt by this, then the areas of healing are the part that has been hurt, the parts of you that have been hurt by this in your life from the very first to the latest and then the parts of you that have been judgmental towards another. Like a reflection in a mirror, this is shown to you to say, hey!! I'm ready to be loved again.

This would be the point of reference to start breathing in that love into those memories and feeling that love to really expand and integrate the experiences.

Self love and appreciation for ones self is a key component for raising your own vibration and shifting frequencies, but also helps you to be self sustaining rather than having to rely on others for your own fulfillment.

This method is also a really good technique for shifting your future encounters with people and manipulating your reality to one that is of high vibration. The emotion is a catalyst for experience and understanding energetic information.

Reaping the Earthly Harvest

With all of the healing work that has been done on the planet, throughout the starseed/lightworker community and beyond, the people really start to recognise how much that healing has worked for them. They begin to embody that peace, feel the clarity within that in turn, reflects within the individual's reality, as we now move into the next phase in Autumn Equinox. Two polarities shift into some level of agreement. Take the time to find joy in your accomplishments and reward your hard efforts with something meaningful.

Strong Foundations, New Belief Systems

Over the next few months people will be getting quite the push to take a deep dive into looking at their beliefs and rather than going with something at face value. For some this will come at quite a fast past, others more of a slow burn. This is a chance for positive change to execute some of our old structures that do not work any more. When a limiting belief system is held over yourself, this causes contraction in our ability to embody a higher light quotient, thus giving more issues to our physical health from blocking our perception and stopping our expansion and shifting vibration.

When one shifts an old limiting belief system, one heals an aspect oneself linking to contraction.

Recalibration Of the Body

With the heavy influx of light coming into the planet and our bodies, many people are unable to withstand the intensities and the tolerance of the radiation coming through dissolving the density & heavier emotions within the body.

Due to this, some tweaks have had to be made on the physical structure, so the individuals do not feel the discomfort and heavier symptoms as much. The bodies will be going through a recalibration with the assistance of our galactic brethren, to activate and attune the cellular structure to allow free flow of the new frequencies and energies, for all to embody.

This will be an unconscious interaction for the masses, and a further step to communication & contact for the many. Pay close attention to your dreams and the subtle energy shifts around you during this month, this will be the synchronistic validation of a job well done.

Always is this for your highest good and a contractual co-creation at that.

Few will consciously be present for this experience. The ones whom are further along in their ascension/ healing journey's are will be the ones who experience the contact at a conscious level. This will be coming to cease by the autumn equinox, ready for balance. Some may be feeling more tired than usual, others more energetic. Some feeling pressure on the head, temples, third eye, crown, heart and solar plexus.

Provide yourself with what you need. Sleep if you need more sleep, eat live, raw vegan foods. Listen to your Bodies, not your heads. Bridge communication with your vessel, you shall receive the answers.


There will be an Equinox webinar going up on my website shortly and Self Care Sunday is already up.

I wish you a beautiful month to come.

Eternal love & infinite blessings.

Love Felix


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Thankyou Felix ,for giving us hope for a peaceful and loving future

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