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October Energy Report: Reclaiming strength, Emotional Rebirthing & Zero Pointing

Replacing & Repurposing Your Focus

In October, there will be moments where you will look at the direction in which your life is going. A time to reflect on whether the choices you are making are truly flowing for your highest good.

Do you feel in alignment with the career you have chosen? Does it bring you joy and love?

How about your relationships? Or the friends you hang around with?

It's a chance to evaluate the situations around you to see what is raising your vibration and what is making it lower. It's the perfect time to let go and let god with the things in your life that do not serve your best interests in love.

Once the letting go has commenced and the healing has begun, you can then redirect your focus, your intention and your energy back on yourself and the areas that need work on. This may be just allowing your energy to accumulate within you for a while, to regain strength. For DNA activation, cellular regeneration & ascension, or just to spend some time until you have decided in which direction you wish to go. The perfect time to align yourself to the pathway of 5th dimensional living in all areas of your life and letting go of the false identity created ego life that is not in alignment with the God head, creator that you are.

Stand Up For Yourself & Take Charge Of Your Creation

This is quite a multi faceted statement, as there were different layers to what it really means.

The first answer I was given is that October is a testing month. A lot of contradictory energy which is in place to really push you into standing up for yourself, your rights and your freedom. It's an opportunity to look at your levels of tolerance for compliance. Understanding how to work with these tests, how to navigate them and how to stand up for your beliefs with integrity & not be pushed into a shame spiral endorsed by the people, whom have been programmed by the media. These lessons can be difficult to navigate especially as they can be quite hurtful and shocking to some extent, however, staying in the heart, the heart of courage and staying in love can dissolve all of the low vibe frequency that comes your way. Then through the vision of compassion, one can reflect back to the bigger picture and see that it is not the public that is the problem as they have been programmed into seeing the world through compliance as a means of freedom. We all want the same thing in the end. <3

On the manifestation side of the looking glass, it is now your focus to start harnessing and crystallising your creation into the physical world and bringing life to your concepts. Creating the life you wish to live on the new earth.

Of course this will come with bumps in the road, but it will be the bumps that make your future creations more well rounded, more structured and more adaptable.

Again, this could be the perfect time to review the people you are working with and discern if they are still in alignment with your projects and creations. It may be time to try exploring different avenues to see how things will shape up for you moving in a new direction. It is also a chance to see if you are in alignment with your current creation or have you learnt everything you needed to from this experience.

New people will come into your life to guide you and show you new ways of thinking and seeing yourself. A great change for personal reflection in the mirrors of others. Some may experience people from their past coming in to clear the air. This may be quite triggering for some. Are you going to take the bait and bite? Or can you observe in detachment.

The final part to this statement I received was Civil disobedience. There are more people standing up for themselves, more people standing up for their human right and coming together in unity to reclaim their lives. The more the people get pushed into control, the more the people wake up to the agendas and stand united. Sleeping lions once woken standing together can move mountains. The tide is changing.

Releasing Grief From Control

Moving on from the last point. All of the navigation through the standing up for yourself will bring on energetic, emotional releases of the constructs of control that have been stored within the cells for lifetimes. This month is another big push to release the control systems within yourself & to also take a look at the controlling parts of you that are still playing out in your realities.

Try to see the parts with no judgment, only love, as it will be the love that will set you free.

Really allow yourself to feel the love flush through the body, the memories and lives to bring balance. Forgive all and forgive yourself in the process.

Emotional Rebirthing Leading To Higher Emotional Intelligence

Through all the releasing of emotions and density, in October, we are going through an emotional rebirth, to birth us into a higher emotional intelligence. One where we understand our emotional patterns and traumas, which will open us up to a whole new level of integrated love and compassion. A divine emotional understanding for ourself and our neighbour.

Zero Point Hotspots

As the third dimensional matrix grid is breaking down and dissolving, there come points in the individual's reality where it feels like time is standing still. Everything else around you continues to move, but for yourself, minutes feel like hours, and hours can feel like days.

This is a node point for New Earth anchoring into your field and reality. When coming into these points, it's like time stands still.

These node points are the perfect time for doing healing work, meditation, finding connection and manifestation. As you find yourself within these Zero points, your charge comes back down to zero, bringing you back into alignment with Source, making it much easier for you to clear your energy field, release emotions and stagnant thought patterns and past trauma.

The Zero point hotspots or no time zones move around. They do not stay in any fixed location. The same as people, we are energy that is constantly moving. If we stop the evolution process, we block our bodies and begin to fall ill and can come into dis ease.

So, one day, it may be in your area for a day or two, the next it may have moved to the other side of the earth. You can recognise this by the emotional state you come into. You can find yourself coming into neutrality, your zero point state. The state you will come into when connecting to the cosmos. The ideal expression for observation, not having any emotions to influence your perception of your experience. Emotions will come up to clear, but this will become easier to recognise what it is that you are actually releasing from the neutral perspective. The 2nd point of reference will be the acknowledgment of time, or lack of. 1 hour may feel like 5 hours. The people around you will carry on doing what they are doing as normal, unaware of the time lapse, but you will feel the peace and stillness.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

In the final part of my vision, i saw a birds eye view of the rivers. They began turning red and the water moved fast. I followed the river to the source and came to a cave, this cave led deep into the earth. Truth is coming to the surface, the truth that has been buried for a long time. In the darkness of the tunnel, a candle appeared before me. Ignited, a flame grew. The candle lit the way revealing the end of the tunnels. The purest, brightest light shining in.

I shall leave you with that. hehe.

I love you all <3

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