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November Energy Report: Unification In Unusual Territory

Another Month done, another step closer to the end result. Here is what is coming up for November below;

The Unified Stance

As we move into November, we move into our strength as a team, in solidarity and in union with our brothers and sisters. It feels to me that many will have settled the differences between one another and be able to move on and work together in peace, or peacefully move away from one another in love and respect.

As we are able to move into this consciousness of peace, it helps us to see with clarity, what it is we are looking for and what it is we stand against. Many will find more in common with thy neighbour then they thought.

The energies coming in will help the individuals push further for sovereignty and hold the line in standing their ground for their beliefs. Brining that core strength to tone the divine masculine side with integrity. Many will be exercising in the armour of God.

Stepping Into Unusual Territory

A lot of people are moving into new areas or phases of their lives, in which many will not have encountered before. This could be suddenly leaving a job, which would put the individual into a space of the unknown.

In this unknown territory, one will be relying on manifestation, be it conscious or unconscious, trust and faith. This is a further push to work with your intuition which will strengthen your trust and faith.

It is important to remember that when we step out of our comfort zone, this is when we have the most development and the most growth. So, understanding the two points above, it is a huge opportunity to get creative with your askings.

Think of how to ask...

I desire....

Not I want...

Desire is expansive language. Want is contraction as it would imply one is in lack.

Think about your emotions whilst you manifest. Being in love is a high vibe signal, which is sent out quickly and returns quickly.

Desperation is low and fear based. It leaves the body slowly and returns slowly. It doesn't always bring back what you desire either. Much like buying a pair of jeans, but the Jeans have a hole on the crotch. Impractical and unnecessary.

Finally, being in gratitude for all things keeps you in that flow of abundance and love, which helps circulate the high vibe around the table. Always good to reciprocate with others who appear in lack too. <3

Reconnecting To The Earth

In November, more people will be connecting to the Earth. Having a much deeper, compassionate understanding for what has been happening on her body, as well as recognising her as a living, breathing organism.

This understanding may prove quite heartbreaking for some, as they recognise her as the true mother, that homes and feeds us all, whilst further understanding why she needs to have earthquakes, tornados, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions, to process and release her own energy blocks.

Going through this understanding and deeper awakening, many will find themselves building a stronger relationship and connection to the earth, the divine feminine and the elemental kingdoms.

Many of you will find yourselves crying for the Earth, to help her process her traumas.

The Tightrope Walk Of Patience

Again, through November, tensions will be running high for some. May it be with people you work with, the people you live with or the people who rule your country.

This is a further push to get you out of your comfort zone and try something new.

You're being given to opportunity to step away from the norm and do what you want to do to reclaim sovereignty.

Not only will the actions of others make you question, why do I have to work really hard for someone else and live off next to nothing, whilst the boss does nothing and gets millions? Or why am i following a narrative that has contradicted itself over and over giving false hope of freedom? These are trigger points that will wake the public up.

Shift your paradigm, reclaim your strength and take charge. You have the power to change your life, when you are ready to do so.

Separation From Old Circles

Many will be coming to the end of karmic contracts. Shifting out of vibrational matches with old friends, homes and areas, which will open you up to new possibilities in your life, to new people and new lessons to be learnt.

Think of it as a levelling up in love. When you can move on in peace, love and harmony, you are on to a winner. Many of you will be receiving gifts for this too. Be open to receive in love and gratitude.

Events this month

Self-Care Sunday: Group healing with Light Language Activations

7th November 2021, 6pm

Our usual first sunday of the month, free group healing. All are welcome, please rsvp, I will send out zoom links to all.

The 11- 11 Gateway

11th November 2021, 8.30pm

The 11-11 gateway will open a doorway within to anchor and embody the twin flame within, the divine Masculine and the divine Feminine in union.

Depending on where you are on your journey, some will be working more on the masculine, some more so on the feminine. This gateway will release the distortion from these aspects and begin to bring in, anchor and embody the parts that are ready. This powerful activation will work for all people on all levels of their ascension and all will have a unique experience.

Grow Your Magic: Developing your skills

25 Nov, 19:30

I have been guided by Thoth and my Team to put together a series of events to help you grow your magic.

Focusing on psychic development, healing techniques, ascension topics.

In the series, I will be doing a short talk about the topic of the evening, to understand what we will be learning, a short group healing, your own time to practice and review, light language activations and a Q& A.

In this session, we will be focusing on;

Blockages: Dissolve, Resolve & Transform

Working with the clairscentient ability to navigate & identify the blockages in the body.

Understanding the dissolving process

Tapping into the Story behind the blockage

Processing the energetic backlog of information

Transforming with the highest love light Alchemy

This will be a monthly class on the Forth Thursday of the Month.

I will look forward to seeing you all.

Eternal love light, in the highest grace to all.

Kiyama Naras Ta Yora Naresh Kiyota Sacur



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