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May Energy Report & Self Care Sunday!

Energy Report:

Inner eruptions & physical earthquakes

There is tension brewing through out, whether it be coming out of a lock down and you still can't get your hair done for another 6 weeks, or your favourite gym class isn't on yet, this pent up anger wants to come out and release. The suppression of anger can cause serious harm if not dealt with in an appropriate manner. This coming month, situations will arise that will really test your patience. There will be moments that you will have to ground yourself, think twice before speaking and maintain a protection throughout. Working with intention and staying in the heart space to avoid any unnecessary conflict will be a very useful tool to avoid these kind of karma building scenarios.

Feeling Blame towards those whom you feel have blocked your development. It's time to recognise one's constraints and thinking how to work with it rather than against it. The energy of Mars will be opening up the inner anger within the distorted masculine and Venus will be guiding you through forgiveness and love to these areas of your life at this time. This is a big release of blame and judgement, to allow space for transformation to occur.

If you feel anger rising with a person, or loved one, walk away from the situation, ask yourself why am I feeling this trigger? What are the emotions behind the trigger? Knowing that will show you exactly what the body needs to balance this emotion. Trace it back to the very root of when you first experienced this kind of emotion and forgive all involved.

Dissolving from the root pulls out the imbalance through out the present life.

Transmute through unconditional love <3

It is important to be aware that all of the craziness that is going on in the outside world is a reflection of yourself and the collective consciousness. When we heal ourselves energetically, we in turn heal the collective and raise the vibration of humanity. This opens up space for higher light frequencies to enter which allows us to ascend at a more rapid rate.

A deeper connection to self.

Over the next month, you may find yourself taking the time to discover a little more about who you really are. Whether it is by meditating, feeling, knowing or seeing, more time will be spent providing yourself unconditional love. This really paves the way to understand the spiritual self and stepping into the true self.

This is the perfect time to really get to know the emotional body and finding enjoying pleasure with emotional exchange in high vibration.

The attitude of gratitude is always a great start for this connection.

Understanding your body and the 1000's of things it does.

The body may start (or for many people have started) to go through new changes. Physical symptoms that can bring confusion to many.

I started going through these changes last year, so this is nothing to be concerned about;

- Stiffness in the neck, some minor aches and pains- the neck is re-aligning itself for many and this is to open up space for the new vortices or Chakras we are growing into.

- Eye pain, unable to maintain screen time, needing to have more breaks from the emfs. The light in the screens, in Particular the LCD (liquid CRYSTAL display) does actually activate the person to some extent, however, in my personal point of view, i try and avoid as much as i can.

- Pulsation and expansion on the forehead- this is the pineal gland starting to wake up and activate, for those who are already with an active Pineal, please note, more expansion will be coming.

- Night sweats- People may be having intense night sweats, please note, this is not to be worried about, when the body is holding a higher light quotient, the body is holding more radiation. (it's not as scary as it sounds) This not only activated the DNA further but also works as like a drain cleaner for you pushing out the old to hold space for the new, revitalised you. Sweating is one of the ways it will come out.

Personally, for the past 7/8 months I have been pretty much living in an Epsom salt bath. This is a great way to detox the body, but it also helps the body to cool down while the radiation is within you.

Sexual energy rising.

Sexual energy is heightened in order to allow the release of blocked or repressed thoughts. This will be showing you areas that have not yet been looked at, to allow to clear.

It is perfectly normal to have sexual thoughts and urges, however, in release, allow the energy to rise, the thought to come up with no judgment and breathe. Breathe a deep breath as many times as you need to until the energy dissipates.

These energies are rising more at the moment as the control structures are breaking down in the outside world. Every time we have repressed a sexual thought or urge, it creates stagnation in the body and blocks your creative channel. We can see in the outside world, a lot of these structures and systems of control are falling apart now, and as this is occuring, new creations are manifesting, new places to go, people to see, new structures are being birthed. Welcome to the New Earth. The unblocking of the collective Sacral, leads to high vibration manifestation at a much more rapid pace. This is what we have all being working towards and waiting for collectively.

This is New Earth.

Self Care Sunday!

This Self care Sunday, we will be working on balancing and releasing the control structures within and taking a deeper look at what parts of ourselves need to be worked on.

I will look forward to seeing you all there.

In the highest love light.



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