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March Energy Report- Restoring The Warrior Templating


Self Care Sunday

Topic: Self care Monday

Time: Mar 6, 2023 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 852 5607 4808

Passcode: 165363

Grid Work Discussion

Topic: Grid work discussion

Time: Mar 6, 2023 07:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 841 9155 9130

Passcode: 356160

This is the Grid work training discussion for the development training session.

We will cover the previous session and develop a route for us to work through for the upcoming session.

Month by month, this will help and encourage the individuals participating to develop their psychic intuition in a group setting, to aide and develop techniques of healing that can also be mirrored to heal oneself.

Equinox Event

21.3.2023-: 6pm (UK Time)

Live from Ireland on a grid work trip.

Connecting into the sacred lands of Eire, to calibrate and restructure the You and your multi-dimensional body.

Grid Work Session

Topic: Group grid session

Time: Mar 30, 2023 06:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 840 0956 2532

Passcode: 167355

As a result of much recent Divine guidance, it is my intention to hold a regular space in the form of on-line, self-empowering classes focusing on Grid Work Development - where I will help, coach, support and mentor others to develop and hone their innate - ('born with') - intuitive abilities. Which are intrinsic to being able to recognise and 'read' the Geomantic Architecture of the planet's body, and then to progress onto the many ways there are of working both as a group and individually, to restore the structure of the Earth's Biosphere.

The group-setting of the classes will always be anchored in a safe-space to practice this development and honing of one's innate abilities to effectively perform Grid Work.

But such abilities can also be translated/used to 'recognise and read' the fields and structures of one's own energetic bodies...and that's because we are all, in our very essence, fractals of the Divine/God/Source - so we all have the capability to consciously experience the ascending spiral of moving into ever higher evolutionary states, thus, in doing so, we become instrumental in helping to manifest our own, the collective's, and the sentient Mother Earth's - Highest Good and Well Being.

We will have planned routes of remote/astral travel together, with many and various destinations to work into, where, as a group we'll also have the opportunities to learn from each other by sharing and building on each other's visions, diagnoses and intuitions.

Expand programme

"The expand programme is designed to help you excel at your healing meditation practice. The service includes 4 meditations per month and a one to one with me to see where you are getting stuck and how to move forward."

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