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March Energy Report 2022: Innerscaping For The Equinox

As if we are in March already! Doesn't time fly! Finally starting to see some sunshine in the UK, For that I am so grateful. I am also heartfully grateful for everyone who is reading this. I welcome you in love and gratitude to the March Blog. I am also grateful, that from March 1st, 2022, I am now a full time healer and intuitive.

I will now have new opening times starting from 10am daily.

I will be posting mini meditations during the week to my telegram channel, open for all to join.

I am opening new online events also for this month to bring balance the the collective in group healing formations.

Hope you are all in love, always. <3

Tend to the innerscape

Coming into the month of March, energetically, it looks like a strong push and pull of polarity clashes. Mass resistance meets with opportunities to surrender & release, leaving no stone unturned, dragging up to the light, surfacing the shadows held within.

Many will experience sadness rising through the month, as they open up the heart and show themselves what needs to purge in order to come into harmonious balance as we enter the Equinox period. Many will experience sadness as they open up the heart and show themselves what needs to purge in order to come into harmonious balance.

The graduation and cultivation of tending to the heart's garden is a leading theme of the month ahead. Deep structural innerwork.

Everytime we come to work into these areas of the body, we open space for new growth and development in areas of our lives. Redirecting energy to cultivate and grow new projects, sacred developments within and a deeper connection with ourselves.

Tensions in the atmosphere proceed into the collective reality at a more rapid pace. People may be easier to temper and hold a short fuse. As you go through your own internal changes, it's good to remember, they will be doing the same too. Keeping this within your knowing will be a saving grace, to disarm or neutralise the trigger points. With that reflection in knowing, how can we navigate our way through this current climate of change?

Observations of your surroundings will play a key role in showing you what is being held onto within the heart.

When we look towards thy neighbour, in thine expression, we see ourselves, through the reflection in the sacred mirror. As we watch the emotional response in the other person, we can recognise the levels and depths of emotional turmoil held within us.

When we hear the term "escape the matrix", it holds a negative association rather than being seen as a tool for your understanding and to evolve your self/consciousness into the highest expression. It can bring you tragedy, drama, pain and suffering, or, by your choice of input and output, can bring you joy, happiness and bliss charged love.

It will show you what is ready to be seen and to release, so you can become that bliss charged love, unified source incarnate essence that you are.

Working as the observer with your matrix will show you the deeply rooted emotional pain that is ready to come out. As the alchemist that you are, tend to your garden and pull up the roots of the distorted flower and seed fresh growth.

Centering to stillness

As we cycle through the loops of emotional recall, each time seeing something new, understanding different nuances held within the lesson,we graduate into clarity and peace ushering in the integration of emotion.

Throughout this month, juxtaposed with the rising anger and triggers, comes stillness and the ability to traverse hysteria. Many people will be coping a lot better with the mania projected into the realities.

It feels as though, all of the craziness of the past two years has been integrated by the majority and the trigger points dissolved, into a grounded rational thought process, through embodied critical thinking. The big scare tactics are just not working any more.

A clear theme of this month is, coming back down to earth in grounded presence.

The spiritual communities will pretty much have this down depending on where they sit in their journey. Meditation, energy work, yoga, walks in nature. Simple tools to cultivate a calm mind frame and a healthy approach to thinking.

Many of the people who still follow the news or who are stuck within a job that restricts thinking outside the box will find the next few months particularly challenging. They will need support and comfort, a friend to hold their hand in some cases.

So, how can we help?

Give them an ear to listen without judgement. Simple enough, everyone needs to vent at times. An excellent way for them to release the emotional backlog on their terms without influencing their purge.

In response to that, how can you protect your vibration from declining and picking up their sorrows?

Protections first, followed by intentions- "Today, nothing will get connected or attached to me, that is not mine to take away". Finally, activating the Violet flame. This will neutralise any low vibe energy emitted from the conversation and around them.

Reconciliation will play a key role throughout the month also. As we come back into balance we are looking at the parts of ourselves that we aren't fond of. the parts that have hurt others, or ourselves. Finding that forgiveness of ourselves assists with the release of the entanglement of the whole situation.

Reconciliation will play into the day to day relations as well. I feel that families and friendships will pass through into a position of forgiveness & acceptance of the choices the other party has made. This doesn't necessarily mean a rekindling of the relationship, though in some cases it will, but more so, closure in love.

Self Care Sunday

6.03.22 6pm UK Time

Open Healing circle & Q&A,

14.03.22, 6pm UK Time

A monthly Healing circle focusing on different areas of imbalance with a Q&A to finish.

Equinox Event!

20.03.22, 6pm, UK Time

A flow healing meditation to harmonise and balance through the equinox gateway.

Updating bodies and fields with corrections and alchemical transference.

I will look forward to seeing with you there.

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