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Lion's Gate 08.08.21

What is the Lion's gate portal all about this year?

This portal is about bridging the connection from the different dimensional planes & beings, aspects and families of yourself with the human aspect of you. To open up your connection to the galactic core and to remember your essence in other dimensions, other constellations and to ground this connection into you and the Earth. It is about connecting with all that you are and opening yourself to limitless possibilities for limitless living.

What will be the progression for the collective from the activations?

- Deconstruction and dissolution of the third dimensional matrix of the individual & the collective, whilst anchoring the galactic freedom, healing codes into the new earth crystalline grid.

- Sirian Activations and communication to activate and propel the ascension trajectory of the collective for the embodiment process of the cosmic mother father key codes. This is a stepping stone process as all are on different levels but all moving in the same direction.

How will this affect the individual's progression & healing?

The individual will grow through an expansion, contraction protocol, invoking a deeper inner connection to self & to all aspects of self. Prepping the body for the integration and expansion of photonic light throughout the vessel accelerating the light body activation.

What is the purpose for the galactic coding?

The codes will trigger the memories that are linked to time travel, interstellar communication, memories of the galactic lineage and the great war through space time to help us remember what it is one is trying to resolve in this life. This will come through the collective to be remembered by all.

The codes will open up the biodome to permeate the infrastructure and dissolve the crust around the cell.

This memory trigger will bring to light the means & methods of communications between the different planetary bodies and species. New healing methods will be brought to the individuals that is ascostom to their frequency, lineage & pathway. This will assist with the dissolving of their matrix but in conjunction, will guide them into expansion & growth over time.

These will activate within the individual first, then pass through to the collective once integrated. Then they shall pass on to the collective. The individual will need to journey and explore to navigate with themself to understand the mechanics behind full utilisation of newly acquired gifts. We recommend coming together to practice with one another as a part of the growth and development of the divine feminine intuitive abilities.

Channelling 9th dimensional Sirius Collective by Felix Hyde

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