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July Energy Report: Growth, Transformation & Expansion.

July is a month for growth, expansion & transformation in all areas of our lives.

With Revelations on the horizon and exposure in the 3rd dimensional reality, they play in sync with one another. Through deeper shadow work, dissolving and resolving the control structures with in, the control structures are exposed in the realities bringing awakening to the masses, which have a knock on effect for the awakened through triggers points which brings on further healing, leading to deeper revelations.

These mass waves of awakenings push the newly awakened people into high levels of resistance, confusion, helplessness, panic & cognitive dissonance. As they become more aware to what is going on around them, they start searching for the answers which brings them into the vibrational match to awakened, truth seekers and spiritual teachers.

They become reliant on these people for the guidance to navigate through the confusion, psychosis and sheer insanity, until finding some kind of level of grounding through the storm that is the reality we live in and experience.

With these revelations, this has a knock on effect for the lightworkers and starseeds who have been on this journey for a little bit longer. The newly awakened provide the information for what the further along in the journey lightworker needs to heal next. This may come by a similar scenario the newly awakened has been experiencing, possibly with family members, people at work, rejections, abandonment etc. They show the sacred mirror of what is still within you. So when this is shown to you, a trigger will come up, with the emotion that possibly, one thought had already cleared. The thing is, healing these emotions is quite complex. As you heal one part, another will come up that is in relation to it. This can also be shown in the form of something that seems like it has no relevance too, making the decode more challenging and an effort to dive in to figure it all out and break it apart. Working with both divine masculine, logic and divine feminine intuition, training yourself and your inner guidance.

This month to come is all about self discovery and learning how to utilise your own gifts.

Learning how to access and navigate your body, the tool, and to really train your discernment to navigate what is coming in and out of our spaces on a daily basis.

This takes a lot of patience to do, it doesn't come overnight.

Following the lunar & ring of fire eclipse, the light codes and the plasma energy that came through has pushed on a dramatic transformation within us, that many will still be experiencing and integrating for the month of July. This will continue to open you up to new levels of awareness, expansion and growth in your own gifts, as well as recognising negative patterns and programming that is ready for release.

During this month of integration, feelings of extreme fatigue can occur, needing more sleep, not having much of a need to eat anything. Take extra rest if you need to, switch off from electronics, meditate to surrender and surrender to meditate. Growth happens in this space.

Manifestations coming into initial developments & ready to crystallise in the physical realities. This make come in many forms, whether it be people coming to you to help you create what it is you are meant to be doing on the planet, a place you go to, responses to questions you have been asking, or website links you have been hoping for for the past year and a half, if not longer. It's time to start following your heart and grounding these plans into development to see your creation grow!

Allow yourself to think of all possibilities, see the growth and potential in what you can bring to the table. Take the time to pan out your ideas & see everything from a healthy distance. What is it that you want to create? Think Big.

Take the reigns of your creation and go with confidence & drive. Calling on the creative orange flame when drawing in the concepts from your higher self to really work with the energies to bring in the focus & drive. When laying the foundation,

remember to maintain a logical structure in your process, whilst following your heart & feeling to know that it is in alignment for you.

The collective is moving into a wave of deep integrated understanding surrounding the current realities. This brings a positive mindset to help the individual to look to the horizons with a pragmatic outlook. As each are at different stages upon the Earth, we shall say that the mid tier lightworkers are currently fine tuning their intentions to create the world they wish to live in. Helping shift the current paradigms from separation to unity, as well as their own lives. This is something the collectives need to practice within their own daily creations as well as exploring though their long term plans.

I AM expansion

I AM growth

I AM Divine Source Love Light

I AM abundance, body, mind and Spirit

I AM Christed

I AM Alchemical Unification, integration and transformation

I AM all that I AM and all I have ever been, I now embody all codes of light, in the highest benevolent Source Love light, and so it is.

The newly awakened are here to learn from you. Shift the paradigm, and teach what you learn, for the highest trajectory of all.

With revelations, comes AHA moments, leading to sudden solutions on the way. When these moments flow, follow that inner voice and don't delay. Guidance will come when you ask for it and listen for the words that resonate the most.

We are at our most connected at this time, trust your visions, trust your connection and trust in yourself. This is your growth and expansion this month.

The highest joys to come.

I hope to see you all on Sunday 4th July at 6pm for Self Care Sunday: Independance Activation. Please see the main page for this free event.

Eternal love, eternal light, eternal life.



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