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January Energy Report 2022: Finding that connection

Wow! Into the new year already!

I’d like to start off this post with a huge thank you to everyone who joins self care Sunday, Grow your gifts, who reads my reports, comes for sessions and who participates on the Earth for the shift we are going through. Everyone has a role to play, be it big or small, everyone is important. I don’t think any of us realised how tough it can be at times and how emotional it can be. So a big heart to you all in love and gratitude for coming together to work through the karma and building The new structures.

So, without further ado. Let’s jump into 2022.

Core Communication & Bold Self Expression

Many, in the new year, will be moving into a much deeper connection with themselves. Understanding how their minds, emotions and bodies communicate to one another. For the most, January will be a great month for creating positive programmes to run through the year to come.

A lot will be taking either a big step or a little step out of the comfort zone into expansion within new dimensions of their beings. Having time to reflect on personal set backs, we now moving into a ”light blub” period. Where the integration of realisation is taking place and things are simply being recognised and understood.

This will really help many to step out of the fear paradigm and into the “I got this” mentality. Through deeper exploration of themselves with internal dialogue and communication, we move out of limiting self beliefs and into empowerment and bolder self-expression.

The Heart Goes Where The Heart Wants

Throughout this year, the development of heart centred living will continue to expand and grow.

More people will be making decisions based on feeling rather than mental acuity. So then, we must look into this and ask, why? Why are we trusting analysis and statistics over feelings, even when it doesn’t feel right?

This month is a great starting point to build that trust of feeling over the analytics, building connection to your own internal directions and maps. Experimentation and play leads to growth and development.

It’s the perfect time to train our discernment through feeling with the world around us. If we are being fed information as a collective that everyone follows but it doesn’t feel right, should we do it? The answer lays within the heart and within the feelings around us.

Many people will find themselves unconsciously lead by feeling. As the beginning of realisation takes place, it’s time to bridge it to the conscious mind for integration of the positive patterns. This can be recognised as an early stage of heart centred living.

Through this process and development of the skill, we may hit brick walls and questions the way we interact with people. A person may overreact towards you & you find yourself more affected by their emotion through the body. You can question, how are my emotions effecting other people? How do I wish to present myself to others in a way that won‘t bring energetic disharmony to others?

All progression as we move around another loop of the spiral.

Finding That Connection

Many are moving into the understanding & acceptance of separation and divide within families and communities. Within this sacred mirror, the reflection of separation of the tribes is bringing you a synchronistic evaluation of the world that is staying behind. Within the sleepers, they remain cut off and disconnected from truth & their truth in Source. Remaining within the illusion of connection where in fact, it is the main component that is missing.

Now for the other percentage, it’s he understanding and the actualisation of separation is integrating which brings a conscious choice point to work through the disconnect to bridge the full connection. (Disclaimer: This is an ongoing process! When one area breaks down and rebuilds another will pop up. It’s all a process)

Many will experience the emotions whilst gaining the insight of where it is coming from. It’s important to go easy with yourself through this death rebirth cycle.

As you further through, the peace and acceptance integrates through the release of separation, bringing the integral reality of Source connection, building a stronger bond through a sturdy foundation.

The Creative Storm

With the seeding of ideas flowing through the year of change in 2021, the sprouts are starting to rise as we progress into 2022.

Through january, i feel we being to see a physical manifestation of action to actualise. As these projects begin to surface, the time span of manifestation to matter will arrive quicker than expected, out of delay and into fruition.

A Deeper Respect For The Whole

Through January, we have time to reflect on what we have all been experiencing for the past two years. When we dive deeper into the journey and look at the progression you have worked up to and see where you are moving beyond, you can see the deep self love you have shown to yourself during this period.

Refining the relationship you hold with yourself is the deepest act of self love and respect. When we refine the relationship we can expand so much further into the understanding of who we are.

As we practice this respect for self and respect for others, we begin to know others needs without being told. Bridging a deeper connection to the one.

A word From Yeshua

“The power is coming back to you all. It takes but one person to ignite the fire of oneness within the hearts of all. All hold the tools within to transform this world.

For the edge of reckoning is upon you. Holding the understanding and the deliverance through this key code transmission on the date of my birth, through the signature of the flame within the Christos heart, that each carry to share and awaken by holding the vibration around others, through love, through joy, through strength, through the apartheid with waves of glory. For this is the rise of the kingdom and the return to Eden. You are the change and the light of the world. Let you shine as one in radiance together.

I have been guided by Thoth and my Team to put together a series of events to help you grow your magic.

Focusing on psychic development, healing techniques, ascension topics.

In the series, I will be doing a short talk about the topic of the evening, to understand what we will be learning, a short group healing, your own time to practice and review, light language activations and a Q& A.

In this session, we will be focusing on;

Development of the Sentient Field

Developing the sentient ability

Feeling into your surroundings

Working with the fields as a representation for your body

I will look forward to seeing you all.

Eternal love light, in the highest grace to all.

Kiyama Naras Ta Yora Naresh Kiyota Sacur



Self-Care Sunday, 9th January, 6pm, UK time

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