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February Energy Report 2022: Twin Flame Integrations, Harmony Through Polarities

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

February has arrived already! Where has January gone?

We saw major shifts over the past month with new ranges emerging within the fields, tension building through the countries and strength & solidarity in numbers. Let's take a look at what is presenting for February, 2022.

Initiation of Harmony between Polarities

Throughout February, we will move into windows of time, in which acceptance, consideration and understanding will expand through the nodal points, making its way into the collective from all angles. This understanding will help us to see pictures and scenarios from both sides and perspectives, birthing and bridging both a surrender and acceptance for the other's point of view and outlook on life. This. I feel will be quite triggering for many, particularly the ones lacking the multidimensional view point, or holding heavy judgment/ defensive programming.

I can see this playing out through multiple subcultures particularly, with what we can see in our immediate realities, through protests & the public, through familiar interactions as well as through the different ranges of social interactions.

This can be the perfect time to exercise our listening skills, to build empathy for others and their journey.

Through the initiation of harmony into a disharmonious society, it can be confusing and disorientating at times. Anger comes on the rise, and through neutrality as the antidote, the initiation of harmony begins.

Twin Flame Integration

This month we will see a major energetic day for anchoring and integrating the twin flame energy and divine balance between the masculine and feminine.

This will continue throughout each month amplifying & anchoring the frequency through the individual and into the planet bringing harmony and coherence into the realities.

As this anchors, we can expect the individual to gain a more well rounded outlook of their life, to be able to begin to see the layers of distortion that is held within their bodies, fields and through their scope.

This will help give opportunity to begin clearing at a deeper level and letting go with a balanced perception. Please bare in mind this is a continuous clearing and expanding process, now with the energies coming in with bring higher potency to the resolution.

As we move through the continuation you may find yourself, once again placed at the cross road intersection of letting go of the people, places and things, in order to move forward on the journey.

Through the letting go, we open ourselves up to bring in new life, new relationships, partners and social group formations. New contracts and experiences to see.

All in expansion, all in growth. Stepping into your new highest vibration.

Smoke, Mirrors and Diversion Tactics

Whilst looking at February as a whole, one thing that stood out to me was an energy of deception & disguise.

The initial image presented was an Octopus swimming before me. As I looked at the creature, it seemed quite neutral, harmless and comfortable to be around. Seconds later, when I start to move, the Octopus begins to shoot it's ink, which we know - in nature - is a defense mechanism to get away, to cause a diversion and a temporary blinding that affected what i was able to see. The Octopus got away, leaving a lingering feeling of being mocked or looked down upon, so to speak.

So as i filtered through this energetic, I understand that this is playing out through multiple levels.

The main scenario that came to mind is the tension building through Ukraine - Russia, Europe and the rest of the world's narrative.

Since around July last year, I have been continuously seeing tanks, armies, fighter jets & explosions through my vision now, it has heavily been ramped up through the media.

My advice for this would be to look for any false flags on the horizon, to prepare yourself enough for anything to kick off but also, not to stress about it as I don't feel it is a 'genuine' scenario.

For those who work through the fields, be conscious of who and what you connect with. There are always beings who like to try to hitch a ride, posing as an authentic light structure.

These come in many forms, through physical and etheric. Protection and discernment to navigate the complexities, with temperance.

Journeying Through The Unknown

A collective step out of the comfort zone is taken through February. Many will be diving into past trauma to find conclusion bridging peace of heart to peace of mind.

Truly a maneuver to connect right to left, feminine to masculine through the heart to initiate restructuring within the multidimensional body and worlds, transforming chaos to order.

This period can be quite painful to look at depending on where your viewpoint resides, but within your true core knowing, when we look at the experiences, they will only edge us into growing 1000 fold more. Through understanding, acceptance and gratitude, comes freedom, happiness and joy.

Manby will work with this energy as a platform for cultivating love and acceptance. Some may find it more difficult than others to move through, however changes to thought & emotional patterns will occur despite how subtle they may seem at the time. All are setting the stage to release varying degrees of triangulation within and without.

Breaking Of the Chains: The Keys to the Kingdom

Throughout February, I feel more freedoms codes activating through the systems and within people. An uprising of sovereignty and the reclamation of rights. Power coming back to the collective through multiple choice points, entry points & activations.

During the month, I see this really ramping up through the second half, bringing people closer together, crystallising the foundations and accelerating the dismantling of structures.

This can manifest in multiple ways, whether through the act of protest as collective engagement or claiming back areas within your life, you feel have been pulled away from you. Work life, for example, or even through your healing. February moves further into the power dynamic through integral structuring, giving yourself the keys to your kingdom. You just have to find the lock that fits.

New Telegram Group: The Heart Centre

Self-Care Sunday

6th February, 6pm

A free group healing and activation session for all who wish to attend.

Grow your gifts- Activation Day

17th February, 8pm

I have been guided by Thoth and my Team to put together a series of events to help you grow your magic.

Focusing on psychic development, healing techniques, ascension topics.

In the series, I will be doing a short talk about the topic of the evening, to understand what we will be learning, a short group healing, your own time to practice and review, light language activations and a Q& A.

In this session, we will be focusing on;

A Healing and Activation to further excel you into your abilities.

Realigning and opening the channels

I will look forward to seeing you all.

Eternal love light, in the highest grace to all.

Kiyama Naras Ta Yora Naresh Kiyota Sacur



Twin Flame Healing & Activation

22nd February, 6pm

A powerful series of healings & activations focus on healing & activating the Twin flame ready in preperation for theintegration process.

This series will follow on the 22nd of each month, as it holds the energetic signiture of the twin flame through numberology.

I will look forward to seeing you there.

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