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December Energy Report: Remodelling, Union and birthing.

Internal Remodelling

Coming into December, I feel that many will come into a period of letting go. Release of the old to prep for the new year. This begins with subtle steps of introspection for the masses to review old core beliefs, removing the initial layers of judgement through perception and to share their discoveries and points of view.

For the many, this comes down to more of opening the gaze into blossoming new opportunities that match to their trajectory and lead to further expansion. When opening the layers of perception, one is able to get a broader scope into what is ready to change for them, gaining access to let go of what is holding them back in the finite to access and anchor the infinite. Exploration through the internal and navigate the feelings, and view the external with no judgement to expand out of the constraints and open up to that which you desire.

For the few, it's a great time to fine tune your inner being. Look at the internal map and begin to crystallise the inner being. Creating further space for a deeper birthpoint of the Christ Child.

Whilst working with the internal architecture structures, it would be most advised to align your lay plans for the manifested realities you wish to integrate to your external.

The manifestation practice will work at all levels, however, without the correct restructuring or shadow work, the manifestation sequencing may collapse, bringing life lessons.

For these experiences, we say to you, look at the emotions that align with your daily activities. When seeding a design to align for fruition, look at all components, both conscious and becoming aware of the unconscious too. All levels of deliverance will reflect your open hearted expression. It shall also show you, in which aspect of your life, you hold distortion. It will be up to you to work that out, always in your highest good.

Moving into Union

Following the restructuring of the internal and subsequently at the same time, the gates open between the 12th to 21st, for integration patterns to move into union, ready for the Solstice.

As foundations are being laid to hold the union, the feminine continues to rise to equality. All layers of repression and oppression are breaking down within, which allows the restructuring

to move through the Earth grids. This bridges the connection to the higher love Source connection much more easier as the union is harmonising.

The movements of these frequencies will work on multiple levels and layers allowing a smoother release of the old and increase in heightened layers of love. The ones who are more resistant may find this period more uncomfortable whilst the transition happens.

Birthing of the Christed Self

Leading up to the great Solstice gateway, the releasing, healing and integration process continues. Laying foundations for the sacred self through divine union and code sequencing. This opens up the birth canal so to speak, for the birthing of the Christ Child within.

This will bring much higher integrated aspects of yourself to the forefront as one and all reclaim divinity.

For some, this is just the beginning and for some they have been doing the inner work for a while. For the ones whom have not awakened to what's been going on or understood the process, again, the levels of discomfort will rise for them.

This day can be quite intense for the masses, so we advise to move gently. Consuming light, live foods, blessed water and keep the stress to a minimum. Many will be overly tired as the influx of photonic light will be resequencing at the cellular level. This can bring up a lot of buried emotions and past scenes ready for to be seen in love and forgiven in order to balance and harmonize the mind, body, spirit, ready for birthing. If you feel the need to take the day off, do so.

Joy Upheaval

As we step beyond the Solstice, bliss charged love and joy expands throughout the masses whilst they step into their new highest vibration. This frequency is to be grounded into the Earth, through the bodies, as the conduits will be utilising this to stabilize the frequency fields post birthing. This is most essential to bring stability for the individual whilst anchoring to the planet for both to shift higher. Tapping into the field of love will be instance calm for the being and also help with the dissolving of density that comes up during this period.


Self Care Sunday- 12th December, 6pm

Self Care Sunday will be on the 12th December at 6pm- For the 12-12 Gateway.

I will be away in Wales the weekend before for my birthday. :)

Grow your gifts, 16th December 2021

Hi Everyone,

I have been guided by Thoth and my Team to put together a series of events to help you grow your magic.

Focusing on psychic development, healing techniques, ascension topics.

In the series, I will be doing a short talk about the topic of the evening, to understand what we will be learning, a short group healing, your own time to practice and review, light language activations and a Q& A.

In this session, we will be focusing on;

Creating an internal sacred space

Working with the elements

Healing with spheres of light

This will be a monthly class .

I will look forward to seeing you all.

Eternal love light, in the highest grace to all.

Kiyama Naras Ta Yora Naresh Kiyota Sacur



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