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August Energy Report: Power Dynamics, Rebirthing, Ancestral lineage

Power Dynamics- struggles and strength

Many people will be rising up to strengthen their sovereignty in the month of August. They have claimed back their power & strength, and they apply this by standing up for their rights, their own beliefs and their truth.

When standing for their truth the ground will shake around them. A lot of the people they know and love will find this difficult to comprehend. The individual is tested to hold sovereignty when being confronted or opposed which shows the level of strength gained over the past few months. This should be seen as a node point to which the individual has reached a level in their own personal development to where they can make a choice of whether to let go or hold on to these people, places or things.

Though, this is a very powerful lesson in strength & sovereignty, it can come with sadness as we have to let go of relationships that are not in alignment with our truth any more.

Neutrality to the conflicted opinions and focusing on the things you love doing together can break down the separation to assist with moving through this bumpy patch.

Secrets Revealed- A push to Rebirth

A passage of time space, where in stored the more recessive parts of the shadow complex are kept for the individual, will have the option to come up to the surface to be addressed, healed and cleared.

This is not always the easiest point as this process can be quite difficult to navigate. These shadow parts can be things that have linked to childhood traumas, past life issues and deeply embedded dense emotions such as anger, resentment etc.

This particular gateway will activate and open from the 2nd of August to the 16th. This is not the Lions gate, however it does run along side and assist with it.

When dealing with these heavier emotions coming up, it would be most beneficial to spend some extra time meditating and scanning the body to look for the areas of stagnation in order to process. Sitting with the emotions, allowing them to rise, whilst breathing through them in order to release them from the body and allowing the information to come to the individual. After seeing it for what it is, forgiving all involved and forgiving yourself it key to releasing.

With these new opportunities to heal some of the deeper, heavier things, space is then created to birth the higher aspect parts of yourself, the integrated embodiment of source love light. This is an opportunity for transformation.

The Ancestral Lineage Cometh

The ancestral lineage of which you are carrying will become more apparent through the interaction with the different departments of self. For example, there will be parts of you that will be more artistic, perhaps into painting. Now this will be a part of your blood line which carries the Merovingian blood. It is not the connection to the ancestors of your family per say, but the connection to the blood that runs through all of you. Certain people carry certain traits, while others may carry different ones. However, the years of cross breeding and selection to confuse the individual and to mix the gifts between the different bloodline in purpose for manifestation and creativity. The month now has come where certain aspects are coming forward in people where they are able to distinguish as to what is really a key component to what they are to be bringing to the planet. What brings them most joy and easiest to get into flow. These traits become more obvious and things that are programmed in are let go of.

As we go through a deeper clearing in August, the awareness of ourselves, our multidimensional bodies and the origins of our programming becomes apparent.

This opens up new levels of understanding of behavioural patterns and conditioning and where it came from.

As we go through the healing process, we begin to see where we pick up certain behavioural patterns and certain reactions. This is made abundantly clear this month as to where these things stem from. Whether it comes to you as a picture, as a feeling in your body or a triggered memory, this will open up new areas of awareness to your own lineage and the patterns picked up from your parents and the people you have grown up with around you.

Instability- The grey area

Things really shake up in the realities during August with a deeper mass awakening of the collective, many of which are pushed into a grey area. There is a lot of inconsistency matched with a lot of surprise. Tension & agitation will be soaring for the first part of the month, be aware of yourself and hold on to compassion.

On June 27th, i received this transmission;

"This morning at 4.44am, I woke up from quite an intense dream. I was sat round a table on a mountain top home, with my nearest and dearest friends, all of whom had not had been vaccinated.

Whilst sat round the table, I received a message saying,

“everything will come crashing down very soon, prepare yourself, trust in me and know that I will keep you safe.”

Following from that, the next scene saw my friends and I in the supermarket, stocking up and lots of food, and bottles of water, there was a feeling of stillness, with a sense of underlying panic, I can imagine, before an earthquake, when the animals all go quiet.

Next scene, back in the house around the table on top of the mountain, we are all eating dinner together, I receive another message saying, “now is the time, trust in me, I will protect you, you will be fine.” The house starts to shake & fall apart. They are screaming & I start to cry. The house falls from the mountain top and comes crashing down. When we hit the bottom & the house had crumbled and fallen apart, but ALL OF US get up, safe and sound, unscathed and unharmed. "

I’m not sure of what is to come over the next few weeks, but I am now going to start to prep with non-perishables, not in fear, but in preparation for the times ahead. I’m doing in in trust and knowing that we will all be perfectly fine.

It is your choice to follow how you wish to.

I haven’t yet gauged the intensity of this message, but as it came in through lucid dream they often feel more intense. Just thought I should share with the intention to help with love xxx"

This is very relevant for now, as we move into the grey period of uncertainty, it is the perfect time to be following your intuition and adapt to new ways of thinking. It is important to be working together during these times and get creative in problem-solution thinking. It is the birth of a new beginning. Teamwork in grounded neutrality is the way forward.

Reluctance & Resistance To Move Forward

With everything going on and more secrets being revealed, comes more resistance for change. There is an air of angry resistance to come with this. They won't want to believe what has been done to the masses, nor know where to start with dealing with it. So, everything will come to a stand still. For this matter, i am talking more so about the newly awakened people that will be moving in with the rebirth in the lions gate portal.

There will also be new opportunities that will arise to new ways of life and changing of directions, possible career changes. These movements forward are constricted by the programming of the old world. This is an opportunity for healing and transformation, ready for further rebirth. A cross road for change, to move into alignment with what you came here to do.

Please see previous blog post for information on the lions gate portal

Please see my youtube for the latest meditation

Eternal love, Eternal light, Eternal life


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Thank you for this Felix. It is very appropriate for me at this time.. I thought I was going to retire and now it seems I am not.. I must keep faith that the strength and energy will come.

Felix Hyde
Felix Hyde
Aug 07, 2021
Replying to

You got this Val! 💗💗

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