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April Energy Report 2022: Power Shift- A change in Dynamics

Energy Report Video

Aries New Moon Channelling- 30/03/22

Within the primary ranges of the foresight through the continuum into Aries, we begin to recognise patterns of disarray through the complex, strategised realities that are held. On this day, the progressions of peace through grounded introphy expand through the infinite ranges back to the pivot point of awareness to spectrums.

Holding grounded, peaceful awareness, to allocate and relocate all discord and disarray presenting through the field attributes to move forward and release all fail safe models aligned to the fall.

Fluctuations of peace calibrating through the mental fields synthesise through the proclamation of fear based irrational thought models to intervene as the definitive scope bridging into tonal arc repository depths, alleviating narrow scopes to a wide angle lens through the ocular awareness of the perceptual boundaries of limitation.

Releasing and freeing oneself from the chains to full heart abundance on all levels.



Self Care Sunday: 03.04.22, 6pm (UK Time)

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 843 6064 3608

Passcode: 051383

Jupiter, Neptune Conjunct: Psychic Expansion & Activation: 12th April,6pm

A flow calibration to heal & activate the psychic intelligence system through the human model releasing patterns of limitation and activate interstellar convergence.

In this session, we will be working through group meditation, with the Jupiter, Neptune conjunction in Pisces energies to synthesize expansion through the expression.

Twin Flame Flow Calibration: 22.04.22, 6pm (UK Time)

A powerful series of healings & activations focus on healing & activating the Twin flame ready in preparation for the integration process.

This series will follow on the 22nd of each month, as it holds the energetic signature of the twin flame through numerology.

I will look forward to seeing you there.

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