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4-4 Gateway: Rebirth Resurrection Codex with Yeshua & Mary Magdelene

What is the purpose of the Yeshua, Magdelene gateway?

Y: We are here to bring through codes for rebirth & restructure. We shall be assisting with the further integration process of all that you are, but also a further activation of growth and expansion of the Golden Child/ren that you are. This also activates and continues to transform the DNA structure form the 3 strand to the 9-12 structure.

It is the next stage in your development following the 21st of December.

There are a few that did not come through the birthing canal at that point in time and they are also in further preparation for their rebirth this coming winter solstice. This will continue to occur yearly as all are at different points of ascension.

How will the activation affect the individual?

M: Many, if not all will have the rose- gold flame activated through their fields.

The divine heart will expand as will the crown, throat and heart chakras.

Controlling aspects connected to the dominating, distorted masculine of the crown will be brought forward to be observed and let go of.

The control of thoughts and manipulation of self by ego will become more aware within oneself, giving the opportunity to choose to let go of these aspects.

Some will experience physical pains through the body for the coming weeks afterwards. These are manifestations of low vibrational thoughtform one chooses to ignore.

Everytime one clears and heals aspects of thyself, it unlocks new doors of discovery revealing deeper parts of oneself to decode, understand & integrate.

The unlocking and decoding of ones healing acts as an energetic key to receive a deeper understanding of who you are, bridging a stronger connection to Source and to your source self.

Y: All will be affected differently, as all will respond in their own unique way. A deeper rebirth process is activated, helping you look further into the suppressed aspects. This will come view thoughtform, but also in the reflection of others, the answers lie within the heart.

A deeper understanding will come forward to understand as to why one is breaking free of conformity, why did one allow oneself to become a prisoner. All Truths shall be reveals as long as one is ready to look.

We hope to see all at the 4-4 gateway on Sunday 4th April at 6pm.

Please RSVP to the event on the main page of the website.

Highest love light to all.



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